Car Technology: Spotlight on Subaru’s EyeSight

New cars are being equipped more and more with sensors and cameras to help improve safety but only a few of these car technologies come as affordable and complete like the Subaru EyeSight. The safety system comes with its lineup for the 2013MY.

The name of the safety system gives a lot of hints about its features. The EyeSight makes use of two cameras mounted on the sides of your rearview mirror. The stereo-lithic cameras look ahead on the road to help with the safety features of the car.

The EyeSight was first fielded on the Subaru Outback and the Subaru Legacy but the rest of the features are added to other product lineup. In the future, the EyeSight will be used for all models of Subaru.

The cameras on the rearview mirror can look through 87 yards in front of the car and are angled at 25 degrees so it can see the other lanes, too. The cameras are just black and white so they will not be used for any of the displays in the cabin. They also do not record since the system does not have a hard drive for data storage.

The pair of cameras are setup to recognize pedestrians, vehicles, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. Subaru, however, admitted that the system is struggling a bit in spotting people crossing the street.

When the system detects any obstruction on the road, it will trigger a message to the brakes, accelerator, and the instrument panel where it triggers a warning system for the driver.

Looking at its design, the system is impaired when you have a dirty windshield or extreme weather.

To give you an overview of the system, Subaru released a video:

The major safety features of the Subaru EyeSight include Lane Departure Warning, Lane Sway Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Throttle Management prior to a collision, and Pre-collision Braking.

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Review: The 2013 Subaru WRX

subaru-wrxThe holy book of sports cars lists down three rules. A sports car must have limited production runs, come with non-functional back seats or maybe come with no rear seats, and should have a price tag that is unaffordable by the masses. Sinful as it may seem, the Subaru WRX fits the bill of a sports car but not its typical definition.

The Subaru WRX is a great drive but it is also a comfortable ride that can accommodate four adults. It comes in either 4-door sedan form or a 5-door hatchback. With its all-wheel drive configuration, the WRX can bring your through the worst driving conditions. Its tag price will not require a drooling car lover to sell his kidneys just to get his hands on its steering wheel.

The entry-level WRX already boasts of 265 horses but if that is not a performance car level for you, go for the STI that comes with a 2.5L turbocharged engine that cranks out 305HP. While the WRX has a 5-speed gearbox, the STI makes use of a gearbox with six speeds. The STI also comes with driver controlled differential and a stiffer set of suspension.

The Subaru WRX is the better ride if you are thinking of using it for your daily commute. Its suspension and engine are tuned not for the high revs but how normal drivers define exciting and fun. If you are planning to get excellent times lapping around your local race course, then the STI is better for that purpose.

After the 2011 facelift, somehow the development of the WRX was put on the side. The interiors of both the STI and the Subaru WRX are a bit dated. The seats are still nice but a bit uncomfortable since safety is a higher priority than comfort.

The rear cabin has a good amount of space for the head and the legs of occupants. The cargo room is pretty decent too for its class.

Despite the downside of the it interior, the WRX is designed to please car fans who are seeking for an exciting and potent ride.

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Subaru BRZ to get limelight in the next The Fast and the Furious installment

In case you are also a big fan of the new sport coupe of Subaru, the rear-wheel drive BRZ, here’s something to make you even more excited. The Subaru BRZ will have its Hollywood debut in the sixth installment of The Fast And The Furious due for release by May next year.

Reports are saying that the Japanese car manufacturer delivered five units of the BRZ into the production firm of the movie. We are pretty sure everyone who ordered the BRZ is pretty excited to see the cars on the screen but getting what they paid for in the garage is, of course, the ultimate joy they want to have.

Like the earlier editions of The Fast and The Furious, expect the Subaru BRZ to don a complete aerodynamic package. You can expect it to sport side skirts, diffusers, funny big rear wings, and splitters. For sure the horsepower will also be boosted by equipping the car with nitrous injection and forced induction especially if the BRZ will be used by the main characters.

If the five Subaru BRZs were delivered to the set, then most likely it will get some screen time. Most likely one of the main actors, The Rock, Paul Walker, or Vin Diesel might use it. Or there is also a good possibility that it will be crashed.

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Subaru Impreza limited edition WRX Club Spec to roll out in Australia

Subaru’s market arm in Australia announced that it will be releasing a special edition WRX Club Spec. The Japanese car manufacturer will only move 300 of these units.

The special edition Impreza will come in black exterior or tangerine finish and will have a bunch of upgrades like Club Spec badges, interior Club Spec numbered badge, black side mirrors, black Subaru Tecnica International spoiler, and black 17-inch alloy rims.

For the interior, the limited edition Impreza WRX Club Spec will feature a leather trim highlighted by orange stitching for the tangerine Imprezas. The black version of the ride will have red stitching for its seats, steering wheel, and the back rests.

The WRX Club Spec special edition will only have a manual gearbox. Other optional tweaks include a body kit by STI to give the Impreza a shorter gear lever, front lip spoiler, and flexible strut brace. This kit has a regular tag price of $2100 but will come at $1000 for buyers of the Club spec.

The limited edition WRX Club spec will hit showrooms this August and have a starting sticker price of $41,490.

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2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek at the motor show in New York

Looking at the industry statistics in the United States, only about 10% of SUVs are used to negotiate rough off roads aside from the occasional trip to the beach or to the family cabin thru a gravel road up the hill.

Subaru knows the numbers so the car manufacturer have actually made a business with AWD wagons and their crossovers which look tough and rugged but still offers good handling and fuel mileage. The Subaru Outback, for example, will not get you thru the Rubicon Trail but surely it can handle the everyday rigors of driving from home to office and back in any kind of weather.

The 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek can also do this and a lot of people were impressed when it was showcased at the auto show in New York recently. The new XV Crosstrek uses the platform of the Impreza with all the capability you will expect from it plus a decent fuel mileage of 33 miles per gallon.

The heart of this machine is a 2.0L 4-cylinder boxer engine which gives out 148 horsepower which is mated to a either a manual transmission with six speeds or a Lineatronic CVT, which comes standard for the Limited units. The power of the engine is transferred to all of the wheels to make sure that the XV Crosstrek will be able to manage thru the most challenging condition Mother Nature might bring its way.

The suspension of the Subaru XV Crosstrek is also slightly lifted so this new version gets a better clearance off the ground. The 8.4 inches of clearance might not match the Jeep’s but it is pretty good if you will talking about handling potholes, some off-roading, and rought roads like peanuts.

The Subaru XV Crosstrek will be hitting dealerships come fall and will be released in Premium and Limited versions. There is no announcement yet as to the pricing of the XV Crosstrek but we can expect figures to come out as the release nears.

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New Subaru BRZ makes debut at the NAIAS in Detroit

2013 Subaru BRZThe Subaru BRZ makes its North American debut during the recent auto show in Detroit. The much awaited rear wheel drive sports car from the Japanese car manufacturer is brings with it the characteristics of the Subaru bloodline and you can expect the best handling in its class. The 2013 BRZ from Subaru will be rolling out to showrooms before the end of Spring.

You might be wondering why not an all wheel drive just like its other siblings in the Subaru garage? The engineers that worked on the Subaru BRZ want to achieve excellent handling and to do this they need to give the car a very low center of gravity. An AWD setup will be a bit restrictive and complicated to get to their goal but with a rear wheel drive setup, the BRZ’s engine can be set quite low.

The BRZ hits the scales and does not go over 2,700 lbs. In its engine bay is a pretty powerful heart with 2.0L displacement that gives out 200 horsepower. The engineers also had the freedom to place the engine where it will help well with the weigh distribution of the ride and help maintain a low center of gravity because of its boxer engine which is compact flat.

The sleek design lines echoes racing DNA all over. It has a flowing roofline, short overhangs, miss maxi fenders, and a height of just 50.6 inches. As much as it looks like a ride for the race track, the Subaru BRZ comes with all functionality and practicality. It can accommodate four people, has enough boot space, and has sufficient safety provisions for the occupants.

The Subaru BRZ is an excellent project for this car manufacturer and a lot of people fell in love during when it was displayed at the NAIAS. For now, we shall wait until it hits the showrooms.

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New Subaru Crossover set to hit U.S. market by 2013

Subaru Crossover

Subaru Crossover

By 2012, Subaru will be retiring the Outback Sport and will let the Impreza Sport that has several options take the reign. The Subaru XV that was unwrapped during the auto show in Frankfurt a few weeks ago will be heading to the United States under a different nameplate.

According to Subaru, the XV will be under the wings of the Impreza brand as part of the 2013 MY lineup.

This will widen the Impreza range and give it a distinct model that has off-road capabilities, higher ground clearance, and unique wheels. The specifics about the Subaru Crossover has not yet been revealed but the US version will sport a new fascia and front grille.

The XV Crossover will most likely be renamed when it is launched in the U.S. to conform to the Subaru tradition of having proper word names for their car models. The only alphabetic tag is the upcoming sports car, Subaru BRZ.

The Subaru XV production version that will also be marketed in Europe in Asia was previewed as the SV Concept during the auto show in Shanghai this year.

The 2012 Imrpreza sport meanwhile is a transitional model for the brand and is a 5-door hathback which has a combo of Impreza options coming with it. The Sport will roll on 17-inch rims for some package options including an All-Weather setup. It will also have options for fog lights, roof rails, and rocker panels.

The Outback Sport is considered as a last generation 5-door Impreza that was marketed with several options and body accents. It did not utilize the Legacy platform used by others in the midsize lineup of Subaru.

The 2013 XV will add some brute force to distinguish its all wheel drive system and abilities off road which will be adding depth to the Impreza line.

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Subaru Lafayette plant rolls out 2 millionth unit

History was made at the Subaru plant in Lafayette. Just this afternoon, the 2 millionth Subaru model rolled out of the Lafayette assembly line. Everyone from the Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. cheered for such a glorious moment in the company’s history.

p20 subaru

This afternoon, the 2 millionth Subaru unit—an Outback in ruby red body color—was showered by SIA associates with sparkling mineral water to celebrate the moment event held at the staging area at the Lafayette plant.

According to the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc., Motokiyo Nomura, the SIA Lafayette plant has assembled almost 3,430,000 car units in the last 22 years. This figure includes 2 million Subaru units. There were also the Rodeo, Pick Up, Isuzu Amigo and Axium, Honda Passport, and the Subaru Baja.

The SIA Lafayette plant is currently the place of production for the Subaru Outback, Legacy, Tribeca, and the Toyota Camry.
The Subaru Outback sales totaled at 51,239 units for half of this year alone. Legacy sales increased by 12 percent to 21,284 units.

According to SIA Executive Vice President, Tom Easterday, it took the company 13 years to reach the 2 millionth Subaru. However, the current speed of the production nowadays, it would only take about 7 years to reach its 3 millionth unit.
This success is a manifestation of the dedication, perseverance, and hard work of the people at the SIA plant. The Subaru units here are recognized worldwide for their safety, quality, and reliability.

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Short supply of Impreza and Forester hurts sales of Subaru

The sales figure of Subaru for the month of June suffered and dropped by as much as 8% due to the shortage of supply of two key products made in Japan.

p20 Subaru Impreza

The Japanese built Subaru Forester crossover saw a 28% fall in terms of sales while the compact Subaru Impreza took a big blow a its sale saw a 35% decline due to a shutdown of their factories in Japan for three weeks. The halt in operations came after the 11 March earthquake. The Subaru Impreza and Forester will still be in short supply for the rest of July as the supply pipe in the United States try to return to the normal levels.

An insider though shared that they are seeing July with the lowest supply so sales will be dramatically impacted.

On a brighter side, the Outback crossover, the Tribeca SUV, and the Legacy Sedan which are all produced in the US showed a jump in sales in June. The Lafayette factory has returned to their nomal productions after weeks of struggle due to a parts shortage because of the Japan tragedy.

Subaru America though sees 2011 as their second best in terms of sale for the company’s history. Subaru was predicting to get their best sales figures ever with a forecast of 263, 820 vehicles for 2010 until the Japan tsunami.

The sales of Subaru was up by around 5% or 132,049 vehicles for the first six months of 2011 compared to the same period last year.

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Subaru going for design revolution

The Impreza saloon concept of Subaru is set to define the design language of the Japanese car manufacturer in the next few years. The elements used for the Impreza concept defines what the “Confidence in Motion” motto of Subaru really means.

p20 Subaru Impreza Concept 1

The Subaru Impreza saloon concept has very aggressive posture with its shoulder line in the liking of a Volvo S60, eye catching hexagonal grille, and the front end of the car cut by a ‘wing’.

The chief designer of Subaru reveals that the concept is really meant to define the direction of the brand in the future. Osamu Namba explains that the Impreza concept embodies the future of the model but also the design language of the entire line-up.

The design language embodied in the new concept Impreza is aiming to unite the design lines of all the models across the Subaru line-up. Critics have pointed out the inconsistencies in the design of the vehicle lineup over the years.

p20 Subaru Impreza Concept 2

Consumers can expect that the next models of Subaru will take the wider and lower architecture, the hexagonal grille, and the hawk eye headlamps. The bigger rides like the Tribeca and the Outback will most likely get more than one wing on the grille.

During the auto show in Los Angeles, the Impreza concept turned heads and the Japanese carmaker hints that the next gen of vehicles might even use the Sky Silver tone. The car gets a 2.0L boxer powerplant paired with continuously variable gearbox which also defines the future powertrain of the Subaru models.

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